September 2014

We are approaching a new season and the real estate market here is slow, as is to be expected at this time of year. We did have sales of both land and homes over the summer, but not in large numbers, and we have four homes in escrow now, a few that have been in escrow for some time.

Last season, taking data from November 1, 2013 to the end of June 2014, we had 71 home sales, a very good season!

Prices are slowly rising, with some exceptions. There are no homes under $100,000 on the market at this time in Borrego Springs, which is a contrast to last season in which twenty of the seventy-one homes sold were purchased for $100,000 (one home) or less (the other nineteen). I am not certain what that means for our season coming up, and the economic indicators make it hard to know as well. Our town is getting more attractive in many ways and that will help balance the lack of lower priced homes on the market. More sellers will be willing to put their homes on the market as well now that prices are coming up, so we should have good choices for buyers.

We have two food markets now in Borrego and both are much improved recently. Please visit both our markets, take advantage of their different styles, including a deli at the Center Market and an appeal to more budget minded shoppers at the Pantry. Our much-loved Farmers Market is held during the high season Friday mornings from 8 am until noon at the circle, with organic vegetables & fruits, meat, fish and many other items for sale.

So eating in Borrego is good, and we have the Red Ocotillo opened now where the French Restaurant used to be on Avenida Sureste off the circle, a welcome addition to the downtown area.

The circle (also known as Christmas Circle or the traffic circle at the center of town) is looking more beautiful as well with a successful newly renovated Art Institute, which is now the primary gallery space in town, improvements by Frederick’s Landscaping with their storefront on the circle, and landscaping along Palm Canyon.

Desert Way Realty opened for business in October of 2013 and it was a very busy and successful year. Thank you to all my clients who have made my new venture work out so well, and to those who found me at my new business and location after having worked with me in prior years at my previous real estate office here in Borrego.

Right now the landscaping at the Mall outside my office is in transition. I am looking forward to seeing how Frederick’s Lanscaping, under the direction of the new Mall owner, Jim Wermers, changes our look with native landscaping. Can’t wait! So until the new landscaping is in place, please be patient while we look a little scrubby while the old more water intensive landscaping is out and the new plants are not yet in the ground.

I’ll see you in Borrego soon,


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